Gifts to Give a New Phlebotomist

Are you a phlebotomist looking for gift ideas, or are you trying to find a gift for a phlebotomist in your life? Either way, here are some ideas that are sure to be appreciated by anyone working in the field of phlebotomy.

Popular Phlebotomist Gift Ideas

New phlebotomists love to show off how much they love their new job. Especially when they graduate phlebotomy school, these graduates love to receive phlebotomy themed gifts to show how excited they are about their new job! The most popular gifts are usually any type of clothing such as a phlebotomy themed t-shirt or sweatshirt. They love to wear phlebotomy themed clothing out and about or around their friends to show how much they love their job. Another idea could be a new personalized lab coat or set of scrubs with their name on it. This would be something that they love to wear to work and remember the person who got it for them. Something they may actually need would be a desk organizer for their work area. It’s easy for a phlebotomist to end up with a messy workspace from all the lab papers they collect. With an organized desk, it makes it easier for them to separate and organize their work and office materials. Another popular idea would be a subscription to a popular phlebotomist or medical related magazine. This would allow them to stay updated on all the latest research in the medical field and they can then enjoy talking amongst their phlebotomist co-workers about what they learn. 

gifts to give a new phlebotomist

Fun Accessories for a Phlebotomist

Besides clothing, phlebotomists also love a variety of accessories that promote phlebotomy. Many love to receive accessories with fun jokes and quotes pertaining to their job. Key chains, water bottles, and bags are loved by many phlebotomists because these items can be used the most and on a daily basis. Phlebotomists enjoy carrying their water bottles to work as well as anywhere they go throughout the day. As a hard working phlebotomist, it’s important to stay hydrated on the job.  Key chains are also great because they stand out and make it easier to not lose a set of keys as they commute to and from work. Phlebotomy themed bags are very popular because many phlebotomists use them to carry all their essentials to work. A new phlebotomy bag would make a great graduation gift because now they have a fun bag for the first day of work. 

Sometimes thinking of a gift for a phlebotomist can be difficult, just remember to search for gifts that pertain to their job and think about what item they would enjoy and use most. It would be best if you keep in mind that different phlebotomists may have different preferences and also that you can tailor the gift to your budget, as some of the items listed above can be more expensive than others.  No matter what you choose, the most important thing is to show your appreciation for the hard work and dedication of the phlebotomist in your life.